Duct Tape SEO Review

As many of you know, James The Just is a friend of mine and a contributor here at SEO Sage. Actually, that’s putting it lightly, he damn near wrote half site, and for good reason. James knows SEO. In fact, it’s how he pays his bills, puts food on the table, and makes a living for his family. That’s why you HAVE to check out his new SEO book. This isn’t just some random product push or huge product launch cycle for the Gurus to make more cash in their own pockets, it’s the one and only SEO guide you will ever need and the one that is going to help you finally break through into the earnings you’ve been searching for.

One of the best things about James is that he isn’t a millionaire, he doesn’t lie about having ferraris and mansions, he simply gets down to business and teaches you everything he’s learned throughout his career in Internet Marketing, and that’s a LOT of info!

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How To SEO To Increase Sells

To start off we need to discuss keywords. Keywords are the terms used in a search engine. The search engine takes the terms that a person enters and returns results. As a store owner, you want to be as high up in the results as possible. The best place to be is the first result or at least land in the top five. This is where most people go when they are searching for a particular item. Let’s say you make baby clothes and sell them on Etsy. A keyword that someone might use when searching would be “homemade baby clothes.” Your goal should be to have your Etsy store land in the top five results on Google every time someone uses that search term.

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Learning SEO Basics Doesn’t Have to be Hard SEO Basics

If you are a frequent visitor to SAUSage, then you probably know James The Just. Recently he has been writing a featured 5-part series on SEO Basics to help you Learn SEO the right way from the ground up. In this series he covers everything you need to know to get started optimizing your website for the search engines. SEO is one of the single most important steps when it comes to building your online empire and if you aren’t doing it right, you’re leaving potential customers and long term readers on the table.

Follow along with James as he shows you how the search engines work, what SEO is and why it works, how to research your keywords for free, and how to do the on-page SEO that Google loves. If you are new to internet marketing or SEO, this is a great place to get started.

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Long-term Consideration Organic Traffic is Free Traffic

Think about this question really quick. Would you rather pay for traffic, or have it come in free? That’s a no brainier! Of course you’d rather pay for traffic! Just kidding! I kill myself with these jokes. But seriously, when it comes to the SEO vs. PPC debate, there’s only one option that can boast free traffic, and that’s SEO.

Now of course there’s no such thing as something being 100% free, but what I’m trying to say is that the rewards of SEO can go far beyond the cost. For traffic to be generated via PPC, there must be a budget for it to come from. Once the budget is depleted, so is the traffic. This is not the case for SEO. It is highly possible for you to invest in an SEO campaign and have the traffic results last months, even years, if your competitors don’t act.

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SEO Vs. PPC Short-term Vs. Long-Term

Hello fellow SEOs, Internet Marketers and Sagers! My name is Corey Dubeau and I own a London, Ontario Marketing Company, specializing in lead generation. This is my first Sage article, and I will attempt to tackle an issue that has been debated as much as Mac vs. PC. I’m talking about the SEO vs. PPC debate. Which one is more effective? Which one produces a better ROI? Do we need both, or just one?

When it comes down to it, the main consideration is time. I could easily go on and on about the benefits of using both, but I think the most important factor that determines the use of one or the other, is time. So what are we waiting for? (Aside from your SEO efforts to actually show results!) Just kidding..

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